Whip / Wand Vaporizers

  • Plenty Vaporizer Review plenty vaporizer reviewMy first impressions lead me to believe the Plenty is built using the same exceptional quality as the volcano, just in a hand-held form. The heating element, double helix, is new technology and does an incredible job at efficient vaporization.
  • viVape Vaporizer Review viVape vaporizer reviewAbout the viVape Vaporizer | Features | How does it work? | Reviews | Best Place to Buy Pros - Very High Quality - Gorgeous Exterior Design - Killer Touch Screen - 2 Year Warranty - Extremely Precise temperature control - Super Quiet Operation - 2 Minute Startup Cons - Expensive, although worth the quality Buy a viVape Vaporizer Now Only Save $50 when you buy the ...
  • Extreme Q Vaporizer Review extreme Q vaporizer reviewLooks like Arizer has made my favorite vaporizer even better. I heard there were some upgrades and changes coming for the V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer, so naturally I couldn’t wait for this thing to show up at my door.
  • Vaporfection Stealth JR II Digital Vaporizer Review vaporfection-vaporizer-reviewIf you’re looking for a pro, high end vaporizer, this might just be your vape. The Vaporfection Stealth Jr II Vape reminds me of high quality home audio equipment, minimal design on the outside, quality components inside.
  • Easy Vape Review The Easy Vape ReviewIf you’re looking for a good solid vaporizer for around $150, this might just be your vape. The Easy Vape looks like the original Vapor Brothers Vaporizer, except its made from plastic, has digital temperature readout and nice steel knob to change the temperature.
  • Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review vapor-brothers-vaporizer-reviewThe Vapor Brothers vaporizer is one of the original vaporizers on the market. I really liked the wood design and glass pieces. Another great feature is their pure mineral ceramic heater, which doesn’t contain any glues or other toxins which aren’t ideal for breathing in.
  • Da Buddha Vaporizer Review Da Buddha VaporizerIf you’re looking for a high quality vaporizer with solid construction, seriously consider Da Buddha vaporizer. Its solid aluminum housing is tough, and safe because it’s cool to touch while in use.
  • V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer Review Extreme Vaporizer ReviewThe V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer is hands-down the coolest vaporizer I have ever seen; with a stainless steel housing, beautiful LCD display screen, blue base lights and plenty of glass throughout.
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review Silver Surfer Vaporizer ReviewI find this to be a really nice looking vaporizer. This vaporizer actually works as great as it looks. The name is what attracted me to this model; Silver Surfer.
  • HerbalAire H2.1 Vaporizer HerbalAire H2.1 VaporizerI found the HerbalAire H2.1 to be a pretty slick, well designed unit. I like the fact it gives you two inhalation methods; Direct Inhalation, and a Bag System.
  • Voodoo Mystifire Review mystifire-review-lgThe Voodoo Mystifire is pretty much a Vapormatic with a “slightly” different appearance. As I mentioned, I am *extremely* impressed by this vaporizer. Vapir/Pyro Products have engineered a great vaporizer.
  • Vapolution Vaporizer Review vapolution-vaporizerRight away I noticed the solid feel to this guy. I guess it lives up to its “workhorse” reputation. I honestly felt a great sense of quality, which is really important to me.
  • Vapormatic Deluxe Review vapormatic-pictureAfter a friend bought a Vapormatic, I drove over 2 hours to try this baby out! I have to say, I am *extremely* impressed by the Vapormatic Deluxe, and it was WELL worth the drive.
  • Hotbox Vapors Review HotBoxThe Hotbox Vapors vaporizer is a unique box design using ceramic tiles. Some really neat styles are available including a cool blue flame and a rasta version.

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