WISPR Vaporizer Review

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Thumbs Up Pros
- High Quality
- 2 Year Warranty
- Good Price
- Quiet, Stealth Operation
- 3 Hours of vaporization per butane fill
- Excellent Heat Handling
- 2 Minute Start up
Thumbs Up Cons
- Buntane can be messy, be sure to keep it clean.

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When I caught wind of another generation of Oglesby & Butler’s Iolite, the WISPR, I needed to get a hold of it. I am a big fan of the Iolite Portable vaporizer and was curious of any improvements.

Although the WISPR uses the Iolite’s flameless gas catalytic conversion heating method and thermo controls, it’s received a host of upgrades. I really like the look and shape of the WISPR, with colors such as Espresso, Grape, Oyster, Pumpkin, and Pistachio. At only 3.5 inches in height and length, the WISPR is super portable and can easily be dropped in your pocket. If you’re active, or enjoy the outdoors, the WISPR is an absolutely perfect companion.

A Look at the WISPR’s New Features

  • Richer Vapor Delivery
    While I was always happy with the Iolite’s vapor, some did complain about the lightless of it. The WISPR now produces a noticable change in vapor denseness.
  • New Fuel Gauge Window
    I am glad they added this to the WISPR. When you stand the unit upright, you’re able to get a visual on the fuel levels. This is also handy when filling the WISPR with butane.
  • Longer Run Time
    One of the new features I was impressed with, was the longer run time. They’ve increased the butane burning efficiency to allow 3 hours between fills.
  • Better Heat Handling
    The WISPR does an excellent job at venting heat. The unit does not get nearly as warm as the Iolite.
  • Fast Warm Up Time
    Only 2 minutes are all that’s needed to vaporizing with the WISPR. When the orange light is out, its time to vaporize!
  • New Popout Mouthpiece
    The new flexible mouthpiece is great. It pop’s out from the side of the WISPR and is long enough to help reduce heat.
  • Easy to Fill Chamber
    The new, longer filling chamber on the WISPR makes it much easier to fill with herbs.
  • Quiet Vaporization
    It’s obvious why this portable vaporizer was called the WISPR. I was very surprised how quiet the WISPR is compared to the Iolite! Now its even more stealthy!

How Does the WISPR Work?

Its important to find the best quality, natural butane you can (5X Refined recommended). You will find the butane chamber underneath the WISPR.

You can can watch and monitor the levels through the fuel window, although filling should only take 30 seconds. Flip the power switch on the back half way to release gas, then all the way to ignite. The WISPR uses a genius flameless catalytic heater and thermostat. The thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator keeps the WISPR at a consistant 374 degrees Fahrenheit/ 190 degrees Celsius. The regulator is the same technology used in the Volcano Vaporizer.

When the orange light goes out, its reached the desired temperature for vaporization. When you’re finished, turn off the power switch and the unit will cool down in less than 3 minutes.

The WISPR Vaporizer’s Warranty

A full 2 year warranty is provided by Oglesby & Butler. When the warranty period is up, they’ll provide repairs for a fair price.

Whats my final impression of the WISPR Vaporizer?

I liked it, and would definately recommended to a friend. Its a well made, great quality portable vaporizer which is quiet, and easy to use.

WISPR Vaporizer Reviews and Comments

If you would like to send in your personal review, please send to: wispr-vaporizer-review@vaporizerguy.com. The following have been spell checked, and I made some “very small” grammar changes.

“I never tried the Iolite, although I think the WISPR is awesome. The butane lasts much longer than I expected it to, and this thing really vaporizes well! I really wanted a portable vaporizer and I have been really happy with the WISPR.  ” C.Dunville – California, USA


  1. Awesome & STEALTHY. Easy to clean & LOAD. Almost NO SMELL !
    Will NOT go 3 Hrs on a fill, but 45 minutes id OK.
    Wish I had one in 1965 !!!

  2. Bought the wispr as wasn’t very happy with the original iolite and am very impressed with the improvements. The new design is more stylish and stays cooler to touch, gas lasts longer and it’s nice to have a gauge for when to re-fill. You also get a much thicker hit of vapor than before. My only issue as that it is as loud as the original. Overall a very good portable vaporiser with not much else on the market coming close.

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