Voodoo Mystifire Review

Photo of the Voodoo Mystifire Vaporizer

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Best Place to Buy

Thumbs Up Pros
- Lifetime Warranty
- Great Value
- Digital LCD Temperature Gauge
- Ceramic/Quartz heating element
- Very cool stainless steel design
- Mobile car adapter kit too
- Bag or Whip inhalation systems
Thumbs Up Cons
- Fairly Loud Fan

Best Place to Buy a Voodoo Mystifire Vaporizer

I personally would only buy from Vaporizer Giant. If you find a better price they will match it. You’ll get free 2 day air shipping, some free herbal smoke (which is quite nice by the way), and free herb grinder. I have only heard good things too, which goes a long way.

The Voodoo Mystifire is pretty much a Vapormatic with a “slightly” different appearance. As I mentioned, I am *extremely* impressed by this vaporizer. Vapir/Pyro Products have engineered a great vaporizer. I do believe they have created some solid competition for the mightly Volcano. The Mystifire also comes with a lifetime warranty, which tells me they used quality workmanship.

I like the way it looks, especially with “Black Magic” on the inflatable bag. The stainless steel look is pretty nice too, although doesn’t as much like an old fashion radio, which the Vapormatic does. The LCD temperature display is handy, so you will always know where to hold the temp, and don’t accidentally burn your herbs.

Using the Voodoo Mystifire

The Mystifire uses the preferred convectional heating method of running controlled hot air around your herbs, then directly into a bag (or balloon). The Mystifire is really easy to use, and the startup time is quick, only taking a minute or two. There are 2 knobs on the face which control the temperature and the fan speed. Next just fill the sliding tray with a one of the pre-filled herb disks, or fill with your own herbs of choice. When the light turns from red to green, slide the tray into the vaporizer through the herb slot and it will immediately start to vaporize. There are a couple ways to inhale vapor through the Voodoo Mystifire, which will be talked about below.

Two Ways to Vaporize

Voodoo Mystifire has Dual operation modes. You can use the “direct inhalation” method, which uses the whip (hose) to deliver vapors directly from the vaporizer, as the herb is being vaporized. There is also a bag kit included, which is my choice. I enjoy filling the balloon, then sitting back and enjoying some clean vapors. I remember reading somewhere that the direct inhalation delivery is more efficient, who knows.

Durability and Long Life

Photo of the Voodoo Mystifire BoxAs with the Vapormatic, you can really feel the quality when handling it. Not a cheap second rate crappy vaporizer like so many others are. Vapir/Pyro Products used a Quartz crystal for the heating element, which is used to prevent the heater from burning out and extend it’s life.

Voodoo Mystifire Vaporizer Reviews

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