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Thumbs Up Pros
- Superior Quality
- Efficient use of herb
- Easy Valve
- 3 year warranty
- Tried and True
Thumbs Up Cons
- Expensive!

Best Place to Buy a Volcano Vaporizer

The best, and cheapest place that I know of to buy a Volcano is VapeWorld. They are an awesome company with a Best Price Guarantee, Discreet Shipping and Billing, Free Bonuses, and the best support on the planet!

The Volcano Vaporizer is the “Mercedes-Benz” of vaporizers. While it’s expensive, it’s well worth it to those who take their vaporization and health seriously. In all the models of vaporizers I have tried, this one works the best, and is the most efficient. If you are looking to buy a vaporizer, and $600 or more is no problem for you, get a volcano!

How Does it Work?

The volcano vaporizer uses controlled hot air which surrounds the herb, releasing the active ingredients while keeping the harmful substances from burning. The volcano is a “very” well engineered product, made by Storz-Bickel in Germany. When the herb is vaporized, the vapor is conveyed through a special valve and into balloon, no its not a regular party type balloon. After the balloon is full, it can be separated from the vaporizer base and can be inhaled when your ready.

Efficiency – This thing pays for itself

It’s true, the Volcano will pay for itself. How? You can feel the effect using 1/2 as much herb as you would normally require! So think about it, you will cut your herb intake in half! Trust me, its true. This all depends on how much you are used to smoking.


Simply because no “plant matter” is burning, smell can be kept to a minimum, which is great if you want to keep your herb burning to yourself!

Volcano Vaporizer Reviews

Thanks to everyone who contributed their reviews of the volcano. Not surprisingly I didn’t receive a single bad review. If you would like to send in your personal review, please send to: volcano-review@vaporizerguy.com. The following have been spell checked, and I made some “very small” grammar changes.

“The volcano is by far the best vaporizer available. It was my first and will be my last. I have heard many things about other vaporizers not working well, so I decided to play it safe! It is quicker to produce vapor then I thought, and packs a punch!”
J.Facer – Maryland, USA

“It took me 3 months to convince the wife that I “needed” a volcano vaporizer for my health. She told me to buy a cheaper vaporizer to see if they worked which I wouldn’t do. Long story short, I bought one! This thing is amazing. It feels the same quality as a highend appliance, worth every penny. and yes you do save money on your herbs. Needless to say, the wife now understands.”
T.Donaldson – Great Britain

“Be careful! This thing will knock you on your ass! For first time use, put around 1/2 of what you would normally pack in a regular pipe or water pipe. Me and a friend found this out the hard way! You can fit about one gram of herb in the balloon bag, which is enough to send 5 or 6 people to the moon! The quality for the volcano vaporizer is excellent.”
E.Maeks – California, USA

“I would love to provide a review for the volcano. The volcano was easily one of the best, and smartest purchases I have ever made. It works much better than I would have ever expected. It’s quick to produce vapor, which is nice because others take forever. The taste is great too, and produces a really nice smooth hit. This thing is German engineering at its finest! Buy one, now!”
W.MacKenzie – Ontario, Canada

Volcano Replacement Parts, Accessories and Bags

Storz-Bickle has made many parts available for your volcano, including bags, screens, mouthpiece, easy valves (or solid valves) and other parts. You can also purchase nice carrying cases to transport your volcano, which I would highly recommend! You can also buy the replacement parts as a kit, which contains the bags, mouthpieces, valves and more.

Volcano Vaporizer Questions

Hello Vaporizer guy,

I’m seriously considering one of the volcano vaporizers and was wondering…

1. I’m confused as to which valve to buy (or do i need both?). What are the pros and cons of each?

2. Is the advantage of the digital knowing when it is up to the correct temperature?


The easy valve just means it comes with the balloon already attached. The Solid
valve allows you to buy spare balloons (or turkey roasting bags) and attach them
yourself. I guess the easy valve is “easier”, although its more cost effective to go
with the Solid Valve option.

You’re right with the digital question. It’s nice to know what temperature
you find to be most efficient while vaporizing. You can also be sure the vaporizer
is reaching the proper temperature and the heating element is functioning as
it should. Interestingly enough, the Volcano Digit’s warranty is 2 years, while
the Volcano classic is 3.

Anyhow, let me know which option you go for. The Volcano is the right way to
go when vaporizing.

Volcano Vaporizer Links

Need more information about the Volcano? I found some great resources to check out.

Storz-Bickle Homepage – The manufacturer for the volcano
Volcano Vaporizer Video- YouTube video showing medicinal use
Norml/MAPS Volcano Vaporizer Study – Great report on the scientific side of things
Wake and Bake – A cool experiment where a guy vaporizes some interesting things