viVape Vaporizer Review

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Thumbs Up Pros
- Very High Quality
- Gorgeous Exterior Design
- Killer Touch Screen
- 2 Year Warranty
- Extremely Precise temperature control
- Super Quiet Operation
- 2 Minute Startup
Thumbs Up Cons
- Expensive, although worth the quality

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At first glance, the new viVape by Vaporfection is visually stunning. The clean minimalist design and touch screen have obviously taken visual cues from that of the ipod or iphone.
Vaporfection has a history of manufacturing solid vaporizers, and I don’t expect any less from the viVape. Years of engineering experience has produced one of the most advanced and technologically solid vaporizers on the market today (If not “the” most advanced). It’s very obvious Vaporfection have set out to produce the best vaporizer money can buy.

A Look at the viVape’s Features

Solid Construction

The viVape is a very well-engineered and thought-out vaporizer. The viVape is solid. The outer casing is made to be durable and it’s obvious when you first handle it. Not only is the viVape well-designed on the outside, it also has the internal workings to give the Volcano a run for its money. The viVape features Vaporfection’s patented “glass-on-glass” technology, which features an all glass heating element and heating chamber. This provides users with an extremely clean, rich, toxin free, flavorful vapor delivery.

Dual Delivery Methods

What major advantage does the viVape have over the Volcano Vaporizer? It allows the choice of two methods of vapor delivery; Balloon or whip. The Balloon system features a “valve”, which retains the vapor in the balloon between draws. The whip is medical grade, and connects to the viVape with ease.

Awesome Touch Screen

The viVape features the coolest looking touch screen on the market today. It’s not all for show either; it provides the user with full control over viVape’s operation. You can select the vapor deliver method, control the desired temperature, and view the viVape’s current temperature.

Fast and Quiet

The viVape is fast, and I mean fast! Give it 2 minutes and you’re ready to vape till your heart’s content. Once it’s on and the desired temperature has been chosen, simply wait for the blue LED light to glow signaling it’s ready to go. You can actually view the temperature climb on the LCD screen too! Being a fan-forced vaporizer, the viVape is surprisingly quiet compared to other vaporizers.

How Does the viVape Work?

As one of the first to try it, I love it. From the packaging to the accessories, right off the bat the quality is present.

First off, this thing is fast. After roughly 2 minutes the LED ring was glowing, so I was really to vaporize! Using the whip, I took a nice long hit and tasted nothing but clean tasty vapor on exhale. The balloon system was just as smooth, filling up in no time at all.

viVape versus the Volcano Vaporizer

Ok, if I had a choice between the viVape or the Volcano, I would go for the viVape. It looks a million times better, feels of the same quality,  the clean taste is amazing, and it’s less expensive. Plus, the viVape can fill balloons and use the whip!

The viVape Vaporizer’s Warranty

A full 2 year warranty is provided by Vaporfection.

Whats my final impression of the viVape Vaporizer?

Totally killer. If you’re in the market for a high-end vaporizer, save yourself a few bucks and pickup the viVape. This thing had me at hello.

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  1. I wish there was some way to see how fast the Vivape can fill a Bag or Balloon! The extreme Q takes for ever to fill a bag the Volcano Fills a bag immediately!

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