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Thumbs Up Pros
- Lifetime Warranty
- Excellent Value for the price!
- Digital LCD Temperature Readout
- Ceramic/Quartz heating element
- Killer retro look
- Mobile car adapter kit!
- Balloon or Hose (whip) inhalation
Thumbs Up Cons
- Fan is kinda loud, but who cares

Best Place to Buy a Vapormatic Deluxe

After looking around, I found pretty much everyone sells the Vapormatic for $299.00. However, I personally would only buy from Vaporizer Giant. If you find a better price they will match it. You’ll get free 2 day air shipping, some free herbal smoke (my buddy received some that was quite nice), and free herb grinder. I bought my Volcano from them and find it easy to recommend the great service!

After a friend bought a Vapormatic, I drove over 2 hours to try this baby out! I have to say, I am *extremely* impressed by the Vapormatic Deluxe, and it was WELL worth the drive. VapirUSA has seriously created some real competition for the almighty, and more expensive Volcano. They obviously believe in this product because it comes with a lifetime warranty, which provides some nice piece of mind.

First off, it looks really cool. Neat retro stainless steel look, like an old fashion radio. The LCD temperature display is also great, so you will always know where to hold the temp, and lessen the risk of burning your herbs.

Using the Vapormatic Deluxe

The Vapormatic uses the optimal convectional heating method of passing controlled hot air around the herbs, then directly into a balloon. The Vapormatic deluxe is actually quite easy to use. The startup time is awesome, only takes a minute or so. The 2 knobs on the front control the temperature and the fan speed. Then simply fill the sliding tray with a pre-filled herb disk, or fill with your own herbs. Once the light turns from red to green, push the tray into the unit through the slot and the herb will immediately start to vaporize. There are 2 ways to inhale vapor through the Vapormatic, which I will talk about below.

Two Ways to Vaporize

Another cool feature is the Dual operation modes of the Vapormatic. You can use the “direct inhalation” method, which uses the hose (or whip) to take the vapors directly from the machine, as the herb is vaporized. There is also a balloon kit included, which is my choice. I like to fill the balloon, sit back, and enjoy the clean tasty vapors. I did read somewhere that the direct inhalation method is more efficient, although it wasn’t apparent to me.

Durability and Long Life

As I mentioned, you can tell this thing is build for life when handling it. It doesn’t feel like some cheap second rate crap. Vapir used a Quartz crystal for the heating element, which is used to prevent the heater from burning out and extend it’s life.

Vapormatic Deluxe Vaporizer Reviews

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“I like my vapormatic. I wanted the volcano but it was too much money for me so I bought this one instead. I am glad I did, because this one has more features, works completely amazing and it was cheaper!! I like the balloon too just like you.”
R.Mercer – Oregon, USA

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