Vaporfection Stealth JR II Digital Vaporizer Review

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Thumbs Up Pros
- High Quality Craftsmanship
- 3 Year Warranty
- Glass Heating Element
- Digital Temp Readout
- Clean Taste
- Color Changing LED tube
Thumbs Up Cons
- Fairly expensive, although high quality

Best Place to Buy the Vaporfection Stealth Jr II Digital Vaporizer

The best, and cheapest place that I know of to buy The Vaporfection Stealth Jr II Vaporizer is VapeWorld. They are an awesome company with a Best Price Guarantee, Discreet Shipping and Billing, Free Bonuses, and the best support on the planet! Click Here for more info.

If you’re looking for a pro, high end vaporizer, this might just be your vape. The Vaporfection Stealth Jr II Vape reminds me of high quality home audio equipment, minimal design on the outside, quality components inside.

One of the best features about the Vaporfection Stealth Jr II is the glass heating element. Glass elements are very high quality and are much cleaner compared to ceramic and quartz.

It also features a hands-free whip hose for vapor delivery. Made of medical grade tubing, the whip also features a heatless grip.

The digital readout on the Stealth Jr II is top notch, having been calibrated in the laboratory by ISO standards. It also features a microprocessor which measures heat and air movement to control heater output, very cool stuff.

How Does it Work?

The Vaporfection Stealth Jr II is a convection style vaporizer, which uses hot air to pass through the herb and vaporize it. Start by plugging it in, then turn the temperature control knob to high and push the knob in. This will turn the element on and begin warming the vaporizer up.

Give it around 4 minutes to make sure its ready, grinding up your herb while waiting. Next place the herb into the glass whip and attach to the unit. Now just draw (suck) air through the whip and inhale the vapor. When the herb is brown, its done. Remember to turn down the unit after the first run, try between 2 and 3 o’clock.

Models Available

The Vaporfection Stealth Jr II is also available without the digital readout for those looking to save $80.

Easy Vape Vaporizer User Reviews

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“The king of vaporizers. I really like my vaporizer, glad I bought it.”
Allen S from Seattle, USA

“The Vaporfection is a super slick vaporizer. I have the digital model and I find it works absolutely excellent. It’s true what people say about vaporizers, they do help conserve the herb”
Pete – Halifax, Canada

“After I did some research, I decided on the vaporfection because it seemed like the best. After it arrived and I used it for the first time, I was really, really impressed with this machine. Clean tasting vapors with a lovely effect.”
Brian from Virginia

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