Vapor Brothers Vaporizer Review

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Thumbs Up Pros
- Pure Mineral Ceramic Heating Element
- Lifetime Warranty
- Adjustable Temperature
- Excellent Price
- Nice Wood Design
- Quick Start Time
- Made in the USA
Thumbs Up Cons
- No Forced Air system, requires good draw
- Can only load small amount of herbs

Best Place to the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

The best, and cheapest place that I know of to buy the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is Vaporizer Giant, which is where I always buy my vaporizers. They give you free shipping too. In the package was a neat storage bag, some free herbal smoke and a free herb grinder.

The Vapor Brothers vaporizer is one of the original vaporizers on the market. I really liked the wood design and glass pieces. Another great feature is their pure mineral ceramic heater, which doesn’t contain any glues or other toxins which aren’t ideal for breathing in. If you watch the TV show “Weeds”, you may have actually seen the vapor brothers vape in action. Newer models also come standard with the AromaBulb for heating scented oils. Overall, this is a decent vaporizer for the price.

How Does it Work?

Turn on the vaporizer’s temperature setting half-way for about 4 or 5 minutes, and chop your herbs in the meantime. After it’s done heating up, fill the whip to around 1/3 full, making sure not to put too much in there. If you’re alone and you don’t need that much, simply fill as much as you desire. Now place the end of the whip up to the heat output on the vapor brothers vape and pull the vapor through. When breathing out you should see mist, if not, take a deeper draw. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.

The Vapor Brothers Best Features

Pure Mineral Ceramic Heater

For the quality of this vaporizer, $149.00 from Vaporizer Giant is a dynamite price, especially considering the free extras they throw in! Free Shipping!

Nice Wooden Box

I like the look of the box. Nothing high tech looking, but it has that cool natural look.


The company feels so strongly about their product, they’re covering you with a lifetime warranty.

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer User Reviews

I want to thank everyone who sent in a review of the Vapor Brothers. If you would like to send in your personal review, please send to: The following have been spell checked, and I made some “very small” grammar changes.

“I have owned a vapor brothers vaporizer for 4 years now. I used it almost daily and its been 100% perfect each and every time.”
Sean from the UK

“I don’t go through as much herb as I used too, and the smell after exhaling isn’t as bad. I like it.”
Mr Smith from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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