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Thumbs Up Pros
- I like the glass on glass design. Its clean.
- Diggin’ the Badass design
- 12V Car Adapter
- 2 sizes of glass bowls
Thumbs Up Cons
- Some Herbs might fall out if you grind them too fine.

Best Place to Buy a Vapolution Vaporizer

The best place to buy the Vapolution is VapeWorld. They are an awesome company with a Best Price Guarantee, Discreet Shipping and Billing, Free Bonuses, and the best support on the planet!

The Vapolution not only has a cool name, its not a bad vaporizer for the price. It uses a glass-on-glass type of vaporization, which is a pure glass heating element and glass bowl. It also comes with a plug-in adapter, and the 12V car adapter really makes this one shine.

Right away I noticed the solid feel to this guy. I guess it lives up to its “workhorse” reputation. I honestly felt a great sense of quality, which is really important to me. The manufacturer also offers lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. I always like when a manufacturer stands behind their product.

Using the Vapolution

First, select the proper bowl size to match the amount of herb you plan on vaporizing. Insert the bowl into one of the glass tubes, remembering to put a retainer over the bowl.

Turn the Vapolution on. The recommended wait while it warms to proper temperature is only 4-5 minutes; it’s not the fastest, although it isn’t horrible. You can adjust the dial to the temperature you want to use, although at first turn it all the way up so it heats up faster. When its finished heating, turn it down to the temperature you wish to use; Don’t worry, you will find your preferred temperature setting within a few uses. Its pretty much a personal preference.

Next prepare your herbs. I found some of the herbs fell out when I ground them too much, so just break some pieces off and roll them around. Next, fill the bowl and wait for the vapors to appear. Draw and inhale until the vapors are no longer apparent.

Now, its possible to leave your Vapolution on for up to 8 hours, although please don’t. Its wise to keep an eye on it so doesn’t become damaged, or start a fire. The Vapolution is also well insulated, so it doesn’t get that hot.

Vapolution Vaporizer Reviews

I love when people contribute reviews based on their own experiences. If you currently own a Vapolution Vaporizer and wish to contribute a review, please send to:

I actually did purchase the Vapolution Vaporizer and at first was not comfortable with it, but as I started getting used it I realized that this was a pretty amazing product. It could use a mouth-piece filter, though. Also, the bowls are a little small. All in all, I give Vapolution 4 out of 5 stars.
John A – Los Angeles CA

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