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Thumbs Up Pros
- Great Quality
- Really cool designs available
- Good Pricing
- Wand Attachment
- Convection Air
Thumbs Up Cons
- 1 Year warranty
- 15 minutes start-up wait
- Gets hot, Don’t pick up while using

Best Place to Buy a Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer

I would recommend buying a Hot Box from VapeWorld. It’s where I’ve bought my vaporizers, good company. They are an awesome company with a Best Price Guarantee, Discreet Shipping and Billing, Free Bonuses, and the best support on the planet!

The Hotbox Vapors vaporizer is a unique box design using ceramic tiles. Some really neat styles are available including a cool blue flame and a rasta version (like in the picture above). Using a Hot Box vaporizer reminds me of using a herbal hooka because you inhale through a hose attachment (wand). It uses the Convection method of drawing air over the herb, which is much more efficient.

How Does it Work? Instructions for Using the Hotbox.

Turn on the vaporizer and wait 15 minutes to reach the right temperature. In the meantime cut your herbs into fine pieces. After the hotbox is ready, pack your herbals into the top of the wand on the screen (the manufacturer recommends only filling the wand piece 1/3 of the way up).

Next hold the other end of the hose up to the glass heating element (the hose does NOT slip over the heating element) on the box and start to inhale the wand. Make sure to breathe slow and steady, as the air passing through will remain hot. Note that you won’t see any vapors passing through the tube, although when you exhale you should notice a white vapor. You should manage to get anywhere from 2-6 nice inhales per fill depending on how much you pack in. You might find it a little tricky at first, although soon you will find a technique you’re comfortable with.

Hotbox Vapors Reviews

Thanks to everyone who contributed their reviews of the Hotbox. So far only one guy has sent a review. If you would like to send in your personal review, please send to:

“I bought the Blue Flame model 2 months ago. I really like the design and find it looks great in my living room. I like the wand design because I am able to sit back and enjoy and then pass to a friend. So far its worked great for me and I’m positive I’ve saved money on herbs. It does take a little practice, although after a few fills I was a pro. I would give my full recommendation on this cool device!”
E.Murrey – New York, USA

“My friends and I just recently purchased a black hot box vaporizer. The main reason we bought it was because its simply a black box with a hole in one side. We live in dorms and it’s getting cold outside so we needed something to use indoors. With the vaporizer, there aren’t really any smells to worry about and it doesn’t look like a smoking apparatus. So far, we have used it multiple times at all hours and it works wonders. Once we all figured out the best way to use it, it has been flawless. I highly recommend this vaporizer, especially for low key situations. The only downside to it is you have to be careful with it because it is made of ceramic tile. One of our friends decided to drop it off of a shelf, but to our amazement it only cracked and chipped; but it still works!”
Durham, USA

“I received my Hot Box vaporizer today and am well-satisfied with it. It is a replacement for a Vapor Bros. woody that lasted four years with one whip replacement. The color on the Hot Box is much redder than the web site pictured it, but that’s e-commerce for you. The unit has a sturdy feel and its footprint is a little smaller than the wooden-box types. I bought a handsfree model, which is a huge step up from its predecessor; not only does the user get one-handed use and less physical stress, but because of the horizontal, rather than diagonal, placement of the wand over the heating element, the product doesn’t come spilling out (a constant mild annoyance with the woody). Additionally, the two-piece wand makes filling, cleaning, and screen-changing easy and neat. I swapped out the pear-shaped glass mouthpiece on my Vapor Bros. tube for the plastic tip included with the Hot Box; perfect fit. The Hot Box instructions are clear and coherent.
The only thing I do miss is the ability to control temperature. The Hot Box is either on or off; leave it on, and you’re wasting energy and generating unwanted and perhaps dangerous heat, or turn it off, and have to wait the 10-15 minutes before your next use. Safety dictates the latter path. I’ll just tell myself good things are worth waiting for, because the bottom line is that the Hot Box delivers smooth, good-tasting, and even hits, just as good as the wooden models’, Esthetically the Hot Box gets the nod for its smooth, timelessly spacy simplicity; if Steve Jobs built vaporizers, they would look like this one. Box, tube, emerging cord — even the on-off is located offbox, on the power cord — nothing distracts from the impact of the glowing, rounded cube. On a star system in which five stars is the ultimate, I’d give the Hot Box a 4 1/2.”
S. Weiser Wendel, USA

Hot Box Vapors Replacement Parts, Screens and Accessories

The Hotbox uses a 5/8″ screen which might be available at a local hardware store. If anyone can back that up, please let me know. The hotbox usually will ship with extra screens. The manufacturer also recommends replacing the tubing every 2-3 months, although of course depends on how much it’s used. You’ll notice the build-up of gunk and you’ll know. If you can’t clean the tube, try bringing it into your local hardware store and match the diameter.

Hot Box Cleaning and Maintenance

The Hotbox tubing can generally be cleaned by running hot water through it, then using a straight metal coat hanger to scrape the sides. The best thing to do is run hot water through it on a regular basis, then build-up will be kept to a minimum.Hot water can also be used to clean the glass wand. Let it sit under the water for a couple minutes, then use something plastic to clean the gunk. Be careful!! Don’t break the glass!

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