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Thumbs Up Pros
- Very High Quality
- 3 Year Warranty
- Great Price
- Quietest Fan on the Market
- Hand Held Remote Control
- Full Featured LCD Screen!
- Quick Ceramic Heater
- Everything is Glass
Thumbs Up Cons – Not a Thing

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Right now the Extreme Q Vaporizer is out of stock in most places, although GotVape has it In Stock. They are an awesome company with a Best Price Guarantee, Discreet Shipping and Billing, Free Bonuses, and the best support on the planet!

Looks like Arizer has made my favorite vaporizer even better. I heard there were some upgrades and changes coming for the V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer, so naturally I couldn’t wait for this thing to show up at my door. After unpacking, the first things I noticed were the size and color. The Extreme Q is a little shorter now, with a really slick black “Midnight Chrome” finish.

When it came time to vaporize, I noticed how much quieter the fan was. Arizer claims to have the quietest fan on the market, and I would have to say I agree 100%. It was also sporting a new detailed “Clear View” LCD screen which I really liked.

Is the Extreme Q Faster than the old V-Tower? Yes Indeed. I thought I would have trouble comparing the two, although this was not the case. The Extreme Q has a very noticeable boost in the time it takes to heat up.

Here are some of the Extreme Q Upgrades, and my notes on each:

  • Quieter Fan – Yes, this is a really noticeable difference. Much Quieter than the previous one.
  • Midnight Chrome Finish – Beautiful upgrade. Looks really slick now.
  • Smaller, Compact Design – A little easier to hide now :)
  • 3 Year Warranty – Arizer is a company which puts a lot of faith into their products, and it shows with this warranty. It makes spending this kind of money a little easier.
  • Clear View LCD Screen – The new LCD is also quite an improvement. Looks much better than the older one.
  • Fast Heat Ceramic Heater – Yes, the Extreme Q heats much faster than the V-Tower. This was another huge improvement by Arizer.
  • More Accurate Temperature Control – It now has 3 temperature sensors for much better accuracy.
  • Re-Designed with Solid State Circuitry – Sounds good to me :)
  • 50% More Efficient -Great news since the cost of electricity is only getting higher.

How Does it Work?

This thing is the cats ass (sorry if you’ve never heard that expression). The  Extreme Q Vaporizer is a forced hot air system which runs through the glass bowl and carries vapors out to the bag/balloon, or through the included whip/hose. The nice LCD screen allows you to pinpoint exact temperatures, and relays information about the vaporizers settings. Some prefer to use the Whip hose; due to the length of the whip, the hits were nice and smooth. The remote allows you to draw hits while sitting back on a couch.  The Extreme Q’s balloon was stellar too, allowing you to fill it up, take a hit, then pass it to a friend.

In my opinion, the Extreme Q is hands-down the best “bang-for-your-buck” vaporizer available today.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer’s Best Features

The Price

The price is right!  The Extreme Q sells for only $299 at Vaporizer Giant, while the Volcano Digital is $669! Nuf Said!

extreme q lcd screenLCD Screen

The Extreme Q has a killer Digital Display screen. It displays desired temperature, as well as the current temperature. You’ll also find your fan speed and the timer setting. You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

extreme q glass bowlGlass Everywhere!

The glass used on the Extreme Q is known as the best glass available. Durable and no toxins.  The bowl is also the perfect size, and does a great job at evenly distributing the heat through the herb. In combination with the ceramic heater, the vapor tastes absolutely amazing.

Still the Only Vaporizer with a Remote Control?

I have always loved the remote control on the Extreme. It allows full control of the extreme vaporizer, including On-Off, temperature, fan speed, timer and more. It also has 9 preset temperature settings!

Balloon or Whip?

The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer has the ability to fill the supplied balloons, or sit back with the whip (hose). After filling up the balloon, you can take in the produced vapor at your own pace; or pass around to friends. The whip is equally as nice. Its made from quality food/medical grade tubing to ensure quality, and its also a good length, allowing you to sit back on the couch and use the remote control to take vapor hits.

Extreme Q Vaporizer Reviews and Comments

If you would like to send in your personal review, please send to: extreme-q-vaporizer-review@vaporizerguy.com. The following have been spell checked, and I made some “very small” grammar changes.

“Hey Vaporizer Guy! The Extreme Q is my second vaporizer. The first was only a crappy dome model which burns my herbs. I love my Extreme Q, I feel like I am in heaven when I use it. ” R.Duncast – Ohio, USA

“I bought this vaporizer because of the good price-to-features ratio. I can’t see why anyone would pay so much for a Volcano when I think the Extreme Q is a better vaporizer!” J.Lyons – BC, Canada


  1. I smoked a Volcano. I loved it. I was going to buy one. Then I did a little research. This was a fraction of the price and I can honestly say it is better than the Volcano. The Extreme Q is where it is at. Don’t be stupid. Buy this product.

  2. I currently have the Vapir No2 and I am loving the portability, but now I am considering the Extreme Q for home use. The remote control is a huge attraction for me. I bet that I could sit there vaping for hours just playing with the remote.

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