Side by Side Vaporizer Comparisons

Take a look at some of today’s most popular vaporizers, side by side. Click on each column header to sort.

VaporizerPriceDelivery MethodWarrantyDigital or AnalogPortable?
viVape Vaporizer$449Whip and Bag (Forced Air)2 YearsDigitalNo
WISPR Vaporizer$269Direct Draw2 YearsAnalogYes
Extreme Q$239Whip and Bag (Forced Air)Lifetime/3 Years DigitalNo
Vapir NO2$179Direct Draw1 YearDigitalYes
AtmosRAW$189Direct Draw3 YearsAnalogYes
Da Buddha$189Direct Draw with Whip3 YearsAnalogNo
Easy Vape$149Direct Draw with Whip5 YearsDigitalNo
HerbalAire H2.1$249Whip and Bag (Forced Air)2 YearsAnalogNo
Iolite Portable$199Direct Draw2 YearsAnalogYes
Silver Surfer$269Whip (Direct Draw)3 Years/LifetimeAnalogNo
V-Tower Extreme$239Whip and Bag (Forced Air)LifetimeDigitalNo
Vapor Brothers$154Whip (Direct Draw)LifetimeAnalogNo
Vaporfection Stealth JR II$379Whip (Forced Air)3 YearsDigitalNo
Vapormatic Deluxe$299Bag (Forced Air)LifetimeAnalogNo
Voodoo Mystifire$289Bag (Forced Air)LifetimeAnalogNo
Volcano Vaporizer (Classic)$539Bag (Forced Air)3 YearsAnalogNo
Volcano Vaporizer (Digital)$669Bag (Forced Air)2 YearsDigitalNo
Hotbox Vapors$159Whip (Direct Draw)2 YearsAnalogNo
Plenty Vaporizer$349Whip (Direct Draw)3 YearsAnalogYes