Cheap Vaporizers

So you want the advantages of a vaporizer, although you’re on a budget so you’re going to need something cheap. Some vaporizers run in the hundred’s of dollars, completely out of reach of many. I put together this page to show a few models which won’t break the bank.

Lets take a look at a few models:

Ubie! The Cheapest Vaporizer!

The Cheapest Vaporizer- the UBIE!

Price: $24.99

The Ubie is the cheapest vaporizer available as far as I know. Its simply a glass tube, and you put the herbs in it and hold a flame under the end of the glass tube so the hot air enters the tip and passes through the herbs. Do Not touch the flame to the glass however. Just don’t let anyone see you using this thing, it really looks like a crackpipe!

More about the UBIE

Vaporizer Pipe

Cheap Vaporizer Pipe – The Vapor Genie

Price: $49.99

The Vapor Genie is nice because it compact, portable, and a safer way to use a pipe. It pretty much works like a regular pipe, except there is a ceramic filter in between the herb and the flame. This way it gently heats up the herb till it vaporizes, reducing tar and toxic smoke. No coughing, just warm flavored air.

More about the Vapor Genie Pipe

Dome Vaporizers

Dome Style Vaporizers

Price: $59.99-$99.00

Ah, the classic dome vaporizer. They work by removing the glass dome and placing some herb on the little metal plate. They don’t work as well as the vaporizers which force hot air “through” the herb, because the metal plate can burn the herb, and make it taste like burnt popcorn. With a little practice and patience, these cheap dome vaporizers so work! You’ll save a few bucks too.

More Information on the Domes

Cheap Digital Vaporizer

Oxygen Mini – Cheapest Digital Vaporizer

Price: $99.99

The Oxygen mini vaporizer isn’t bad at all. Its pocket sized, draws hot air through the herb for vaporization, and its very well priced. There is also an optional rechargable battery system for an extra $25. A Full Oxygen Mini Review is coming soon!

More Information about the Oxygen Mini


HotBox Vaporizer (The Best Cheap Vaporizer)

Price: $149.99

If $149 is within your budget, and you don’t need a portable vaporizer, grab the HotBox vape. Its great quality, uses efficient convection air method, and looks great to boot!

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