Balloon Bag Vaporizers

  • viVape Vaporizer Review viVape vaporizer reviewAbout the viVape Vaporizer | Features | How does it work? | Reviews | Best Place to Buy Pros - Very High Quality - Gorgeous Exterior Design - Killer Touch Screen - 2 Year Warranty - Extremely Precise temperature control - Super Quiet Operation - 2 Minute Startup Cons - Expensive, although worth the quality Buy a viVape Vaporizer Now Only Save $50 when you buy the ...
  • Extreme Q Vaporizer Review extreme Q vaporizer reviewLooks like Arizer has made my favorite vaporizer even better. I heard there were some upgrades and changes coming for the V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer, so naturally I couldn’t wait for this thing to show up at my door.
  • Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review zephyr-ion-vaporizer-reviewI have no idea why it took me so long to review the Zephyr Ion. I finally received it and after 2 weeks of “rigorously fun” testing I am thoroughly impressed. This vaporizer produced some of the richest, tastiest vapor I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling.
  • V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer Review Extreme Vaporizer ReviewThe V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer is hands-down the coolest vaporizer I have ever seen; with a stainless steel housing, beautiful LCD display screen, blue base lights and plenty of glass throughout.
  • HerbalAire H2.1 Vaporizer HerbalAire H2.1 VaporizerI found the HerbalAire H2.1 to be a pretty slick, well designed unit. I like the fact it gives you two inhalation methods; Direct Inhalation, and a Bag System.
  • Voodoo Mystifire Review mystifire-review-lgThe Voodoo Mystifire is pretty much a Vapormatic with a “slightly” different appearance. As I mentioned, I am *extremely* impressed by this vaporizer. Vapir/Pyro Products have engineered a great vaporizer.
  • Vapormatic Deluxe Review vapormatic-pictureAfter a friend bought a Vapormatic, I drove over 2 hours to try this baby out! I have to say, I am *extremely* impressed by the Vapormatic Deluxe, and it was WELL worth the drive.
  • Volcano Vaporizer Review volcano-vaporizer-small.jpgThe Volcano Vaporizer is the “Mercedes-Benz” of vaporizers. While it’s expensive, it’s well worth it to those who take their vaporization and health seriously. In all the models of vaporizers I have tried, this one works the best, and is the most efficient.

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