About the Vaporizer Guy

Hey Folks,

I was introduced to the herbal vaporizer by a friend, loved it, then started learning about them online.

I am not a cigarette smoker so I was naturally concerned about the damage smoking herbs was doing to my lungs. I read research studies that found vaporizers do actually work, providing around 95% clean vapor. Sounds good to me.

Then I finally got one for myself. I decided I didn’t need to spend much because they were all pretty much the same (yea right). It was a glass dome convection type, which had a little metal cup which heats up to produce the vapor within the glass dome, then you inhale. It was ok, but the dome couldn’t store much vapor, and it tasted bad. Anyhow, after a few models later I found my baby, the champion of vaporizers, the Volcano Vaporizer.

Then I decided to make this website to spread awareness of the health benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking. I am a website designer by profession, so I naturally thought a website was a good way to get the message out.

If you have any questions about Vaporizers, please email me and let me know: theguy@vaporizerguy.com.

As this site is new, I have posted a few articles and written a few pages that I felt were important. Soon you will find lots more articles and reviews about vaporizers. Hope you enjoy yourself, please email me if you have any questions.